Submissions are closed.


Well holy heck. Thank you to all who submitted. We here at Race to the Coffin Comedy are overwhelmed, and somewhat baffled by the flood of comics wanting to do this fest. We received over 250 submissions from all over this dumb country of ours so we have our work cut out to whittle all these videos down to the 30 spots we have available. 

If you are accepted you will be told by Jan 15th. and if you aren't accepted it's because we hated you and you should of course stop following your dreams cause some dummies in Pittsburgh didn't let you do their trivial festival. No, it's because we got over 250 applicants when we were expecting maybe 100 tops and we unfortunately can't let everyone do the fest. We will not be sending out rejection emails, so if you don't hear from us, that means you weren't chosen this year. Please remember that Burning Bridges is a comedian ran festival and all of us have been rejected from many festivals. It's always a gut shot and we're sorry. You're great and please try again next year. Or don't, that would be fine too.